Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance


Why choose Ethos Life?
Ethos Life offers a 100% online and hassle-free process making it easy and straightforward to apply. The simplified underwriting process uses new technology and predictive modeling to provide instant decisions with no medical exams for most people.


Ethos is proud to be backed by leading investors including Sequoia, Accel, GV, Goldman Sachs, and the investment funds of Jay-ZWill SmithKevin DurantRobert Downey, Jr., and others. They’ve put their money on us, so we can focus on you.


Ethos offers standard term life insurance to people ages 20 to 65 in all states except New York. Applicants between 66 and 85 are eligible for guaranteed issue whole life based on health history and current prescription status. Policies are issued through Banner Life Insurance, Ameritas Life Insurance, or TruStage.


Money-Back Guarantee
If you’re unhappy with your policy in the first 30 days for any reason, Ethos Life will refund your payment in full – no questions asked.

Cancel anytime

You can cancel your policy anytime, with zero cancellation fees.


If you want help, our team of licensed agents is dedicated to finding the right life insurance policy for you.

Disability and Critical Illness Insurance


Why Breeze?
We make Disability insurance affordable and available online in minutes. Expect fast decisions and even instant coverage for the ultimate convenience.


What is Disability insurance?
Disability insurance protects your source of income if injury or illness limits your ability to work. Also known as income replacement, it is designed to replace a portion of your monthly earning while you are disabled.


Pros and Cons 
You most likely have insurance in place to protect assets such as your home, your car, your boat or RV, and your jewelry. Ironically, your greatest asset – your ability to earn a living, is oftentimes left unprotected. You can change that narrative today and instantly apply for coverage below:
Is Disability insurance tax-deductible?
No matter how much or how little you spend on disability insurance, it’s important to understand the tax treatment of individual coverage. The monthly disability insurance premiums that you pay for a personal policy are not tax-deductible. However, any disability insurance benefits you receive as the result of a disabling injury or illness will be treated as tax-free income since you are paying for coverage with after-tax dollars. 
We recommend taking inventory of your monthly obligations, necessities, and investing activities to best calculate your coverage needs.